Pneumatic Actuators

LPC Pneumatic Compact Scotch-Yoke Actuator

Limitorque, LPC, Compact, Scotch-Yoke, Pneumatic Actuator,Acrodyne Manufacturer: Limitorque Group: Pneumatic Actuator The Limitorque Pneumatic Compact (LPC) Scotch Yoke is a robust yet lightweight, modular, pneumatic, piston-type actuator design, with nodular cast iron housing and carbon steel ENP cylinders that is exclusively distributed to both Australia and New Zealand by Acrodyne.

LPS Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Actuator

Limitorque LPS Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Actuator Manufacturer: Limitorque Group: Pneumatic Actuator The Limitorque Pneumatic Scotch Yoke (LPS) Heavy-Duty Actuator, supplied to Australia and New Zealnd by Acrodyne, is designed to meet the industry’s most recent and stringent safety and performance standards for oil and gas applications.

ACROMATIC Pneumatic Actuators

ACROMATIC, MT15 Anodised, Pneumatic Actuator, Acrodyne, control Manufacturer: ACROMATIC Group: Pneumatic Actuator Our full line of pneumatic actuation control products including our industry recognized rack & pinion actuators provide cost-effective solutions for the most complicated flow requirements,

Camtorc Pneumatic Actuator

Camtorc, pneumatic actuator, Acrodyne, air pistons, heavy duty Manufacturer: Camtorc Group: Pneumatic Actuator The Camtorc S Type range of pneumatic actuators provides highly reliable, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, which is available at Acrodyne, for rotary valves and dampers. The patented design utilises a profiled cam that ensures a constant torque is generated throughout the entire stroke of the pneumatic actuator.

QTRCO Pneumatic Actuators

qtrco, pneumatic actuator, Acrodyne Manufacturer: QTRCO Group: Pneumatic Actuator QTRCO manufactures Patented, Long Life, Low Maintenance 1/4 Turn Rack & Gear Actuators for control of valves, dampers and machinery which are available at Acrodyne.