ARIS Electric Actuator

ACROTORQ,Electric Actuator,Electric,ActuatorManufacturer: ARIS

ARIS actuators are perfectly suited to move, regulate and control valves in all industrial areas, particularly for industrial damper applications, where control and reliability are of paramount concern. Thanks to ARIS’s continual sensitivity to market requirements and to their innovative drive ARIS offer a large variety of electric, automatic electronic control components, motor-controlled valves – and a particularly extensive range of accessories. Whether you require standard components or special explosion-proof actuators – the choice is yours. ARIS matches its products individually to the installation – with optimised interfaces. In addition, the actuators are compact and space saving. Sturdy design and long life reduce maintenance costs. An ARIS actuator is a reliable component in your installation.

NL Series

ARIS rotary and part-turn valve actuators are primarily used to move, regulate and control industrial valves such as control and butterfly valves, which ARIS also offers as a complete valve system.

The actuator is economically produced in series and is rated at 100% continuous duty. It is available ex stock in four versions, either as a standard actuator or as a variable speed actuator for control signal
4-20mA, in combination with ARIS microprocessor
controller PMR 2-LC.


Aris General Catalogue (4Mb)

Aris NL Series and datasheet (502 kb)

Aris NL Series 2009 (3.5Mb)


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