Harmonic Drive

Harmonic,Drive,Gearhead,Assembly,HD,Acrodyne,component set,cutaway Manufacturer: Harmonic Drive Harmonic Drive Systems offer’s the machine and motion control design engineer the widest choice of harmonic drive gearing products. Multiple manufacturing facilities in The United States, Japan and Germany maintain the high quality, precision and reliability standards required by the industry. 

Beck Drives Electric Actuators

BECK,Electric Actuator,Drive,Actuator,Electric,Acrodyne,ACRTORQ Manufacturer: Beck Beck damper drives and valve actuators have a well-earned reputation for superior control, high reliability, and outstanding low-maintenance durability. Over decades of service and across a variety of challenging industries, the world’s leading companies have relied on Beck. Beck’s products are engineered to meet the high performance standards of today’s sophisticated control instrumentation and are available in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Acrodyne.

ARIS Electric Actuator

ACROTORQ,Electric Actuator,Electric,Actuator Manufacturer: ARIS ARIS actuators are perfectly suited to move, regulate and control valves in all industrial areas, particularly for industrial damper applications, where control and reliability are of paramount concern.

Schischek Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

Schischek,Electric Actuator,Acrodyne,Electric,Actuator Manufacturer: SCHISCHEK Actuators (90° quarter turn actuators) for air dampers and smoke extraction dampers, explosion proof Electrical, explosion proof quarter turn actuators series ExMax and RedMax, for air dampers and smoke extraction dampers, from 5 Nm to 100 Nm, in acc.