D82 Handwheel Overtorque Protectors

Aunspach, overtorque protector, d82, Acrodyne, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, handwheelManufacturer: Aunspach Controls Company

Model D82 Overtorque Protectors are mounted between the handwheel and electric or pneumatic actuator or as a shaft-to-shaft coupling. Operating torque is applied to the handwheel or driving shaft and transmitted thru the Model D82 to the driven equipment. The Model D82 will transmit operating torque only up to a pre-set amount.
If excessive torque is applied, the D82 drive will disengage and prevent equipment damage. Re-engagement is automatic and operation is the same in either direction of rotation.


  • Applications: Handwheels, Electric and Pneumatic Actuator Manual Overrides, Manual Actuators, Conveyors, etc
  • Trip Torque Range: 5 to 100 lbft
  • Maximum Mounting Bore: 1.5 in
  • End Connections: Bore & Key, Bore & Pin, and Splined

*Consult factory for larger end connections and higher trip torques


  • Shaft-to handwheel: Remove handwheel and mount Model D82 in its place. Re-mount handwheel on the D82 shaft.
  • Shaft-to-shaft: Mount one end of the Model D82 on either driving or driven shaft. Connect the other shaft to the D82 opposite end. The D82 can be driven from either end.

Trip Torque Adjustment

  • Model D82 units are shipped pre-calibrated and ready to mount. They are easily re-calibrated in the field. See Owner’s Manual for instructions.


  • The Model D82 mechanism is permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed inside a rugged housing that is corrosion protected by epoxy coating inside and outside.


  • No maintenance is required.

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D82TM Technical Manual (200kb)

D82 Technical Manual (192kb)


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