Other Products

If you require Acrodyne to source particular makes, models or types of valves to meet your application and delivery requirements we are more than pleased to do so. This service is offered as a convenience to our customers.

Portable Actuator

ACROGEARS APS100N Portable Petrol Powered Actuator, Sluice gate, Acrodyne Acrodyne’s portable actuators are devices, conceived, designed and approved for handling sluice gates, i.e. mobile locking systems along rivers or water flows, to control and regulate their flow amount.

Sofis VPI Valve Position Indicator

Manufacturer: Sofis Group: Valve Position Indication The VPI valve position indicator helps you to get a clear overview of the position of manual linear valves in the field. The mechanical counting mechanism of the VPI is based on over 20 years of proven technology.

Sofis Process Interlocks

Manufacturer: Sofis Group: Interlocks The Netherlocks interlocking products by Sofis enforce and guarantee a pre-defined sequence of operation and so eliminate human error.

Overtorque Protectors

Aunspach, overtorque protector, d86, Acrodyne, valve protector

Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing

Amalga, pneumatic tubing, Acrodyne Manufacturer: Amalga Composites The Alternative to Metal For more than 40 years Amalga has produced an alternative to metallic pneumatic cylinder tubing. Constructed of fibre reinforced thermoset epoxy matrix, Black Amalgon has an inner surface of evenly dispersed low friction additives.

Sofis Power Wrench

Manufacturer: Sofis Group: Portable Pneumatic Valve Actuator The Power Wrench by Sofis is a portable valve actuator that runs on air (4-7 bar). As it could take up to 1 or 2 hours to open or close very large valves, using the Power Wrench saves valuable time and takes no effort to use!

Valve Chainwheels

ACROGEARS, Chain Wheel, Gearbox, Handwheel Manual, Acrodyne, actuator Manufacturer: Trumbull Industries Ductile Iron Chainwheels allow operation of valves in high, hard-to reach locations by means of a slight pull on the sprocket chain. Universal design allows Chainwheel to be clamped to handwheel, or pinned directly to valve stem.