Boyne Smelter Incinerator Upgrade


Sector: Aluminium Smelter

Category: Aluminium Production

Products: Beck Group Electric Actuators

Site Overview
Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) is proud to be Australia’s largest aluminium smelter. BSL produces in excess of 570,000 tonnes of aluminium per year and is located in Gladstone just south of Brisbane. Their reputation for exceptional quality and reliability keeps them at the forefront of their industry. BSL is part of Pacific Aluminium which also consists of smelters in New Zealand and other states of Australia.

The Project

Acrodyne recieved an enquiry for equipment to manage a pitch fume incinerator at BSL’s Wharf. The incinerator uses natural gas to burn off pitch volatilies while still contributing heat to the HTF circuit.


Before and After Installation



The Solution
With the incinerator being exposed to salt water corrosion and UV the selection of the actuation unit was critical. The accepted solution was a Beck electric actuator mounted onto the incinerator controlling the gas regulating and air supply damper. The highly precise modulation on the Beck electric actuator enhances the mixing of the gas and air to create a cleaner burn and then returning it back into the atmosphere. Another key factor was the ease of installation with existing crank arm, footmount and Beck already had history and positive results for the same mounted gas controlled valves in use in other locations around the world.

The Result

Due to the ease of installation, greater control and a cleaner burn,  subsequent visits were made and the result was a further 7 units were purchased over a 3 year span, with all being used on a similar application.

Products and services used

  • Beck Group 11 Electric Actuator
  • Acrodyne Sales and Service
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